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December 31, 2011 0

New Micro Zine: SUP

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New Zine: SUP

There’s a new zine in town, and it’s tiny (just 5.25 cm × 7.4 cm / 2 1/8 × 2 7/8 in): SUP! 6 new illustrations, 8 pages including the cover. Animals doing summertime shenanigans, like monkeys riding giant motorcycles, rhinos eating watermelons, elephants sitting in a pool and more.
SUP on Etsy

As a new year’s special you can get it for free if you order any size giclée print from the store. Just add the word SUPDUDE as a note to your order. Enjoy and see you in the new year! Thank you for reading this blog!

December 10, 2011 0

Buntings on Etsy, Market Appearances, etc.!

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Bunting Set #2: Hypnosis - Full Set!

What’s up, folks?

When we went to the Village Markets the other week, several people asked about the makeshift bunting I used to decorate my gazebo. So I went home, made up two designs and put them on my Etsy store as a printable PDF. Hope you enjoy.

Bunting No.1: Beach Party on Etsy
Bunting No.2: Hypnosis on Etsy

Speaking of markets, I’ll also be at next week’s Village Markets at Burleigh Heads State School. Always happening on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the Month, the next one will be on the 18th of December – Open from 8AM to 1PM, featuring local fashion, arts and crafts. Worth a visit! More info here.

Also, if you’re in Australia, you can still take advantage of the coupon code LASTMINXMAS, that’ll get you 15% off your purchases on my Etsy store. For orders outside Australia it might be too late to arrive on time for Christmas, but you’re free to order using the coupon, too, of course!

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November 24, 2011 0

Gift Guide 2011

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Most of the people on this globe won’t be having a roast turkey tonight, still I’m wishing everyone who does a Happy Thanksgiving! Christmas is just a month away now, so if you still have some gift shopping to do, here’s a small selection of goods with my designs on them.

In case you decide to get something from my Etsy store (would be cool!), please note that if you want to receive your goods before Christmas and are ordering from outside of Australia, I’d strongly advise you to order this or next week, since though shipments usually arrive within 14 days, they often take much longer. I’m keeping my fingers crossed, though!
Also, if you use the coupon code HOLIDAYCHEER on my Etsy, it’ll get you 10% off your order!

1) Limited Glow-in-the-dark Screen Print from Print Club London £40.00
2) Bamboo iPhone Case (iPhone 4 & 4S) from Grove from $89
3) 2012 One Sheet Wall calendar in 4 Colours on Etsy $5
4) 2012 Wall Calendar: Animals & Vehicles $15
5) The Hypnowl Council T-Shirt in Etsy $25
6) The Icecreamator Giclée Art Print $30
7) Techno Santa Christmas Card on Etsy $5
8) Extinction Women’s T-Shirt on Society6 $18
9) Set of 4 Postcards on Etsy $5
10) Styx Art Print on Thumbtack Press from $19.99

Auch wenn Ihr wahrscheinlich kein Thanksgiving feiert, wünsche ich doch ein herzliches Erntedankfest allen Damen und Herren Lesern! Weihnachten ist jetzt auch nur noch einen Monat entfernt – falls ihr noch einige Geschenke zu besorgen habt, gibt es oben eine kleine Auswahl an Waren mit meinen Designs.

Falls ihr vorhabt, etwas aus meinem Etsy-Laden zu kaufen, hier noch ein Hinweis: Die Sendezeiten von Australien aus in den Rest der Welt bewegen sich nach Europe zwar meist um die 14 Tage herum, manchmal kommt es jedoch auch vor, dass es sich deutlich länger hinzieht – gerade in der Vorweihnachtszeit. Falls es also vor Heiligabend ankommen soll, rate ich dazu, die Bestellung innerhalb der kommenden Woche abzugeben. Ich drücke jedenfalls die Daumen.

Mit dem Coupon-Code HOLIDAYCHEER gibt’s übrigens 10% Rabatt auf meinem Etsy-Shop. Viel Spass!

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November 8, 2011 0

Etsy Round-up, Post – Finders Keepers

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Two days have passed since coming back from the Finders Keepers market in Brisbane. What a fantastic weekend it was! Loads of people came by, cosplayers walked on the other side of the road for the Supanova festival which happened at the same time; many friends came by or manned their own stalls, people said many nice things about my work and bought lots of stuff. Hope we can do it again! If you weren’t able to come, I’ve put most of the products on my Etsy, and if you’ve bought something at the markets, be sure to use your coupons at your next checkout! EtsyEtsyEtsy

October 26, 2011 0

2012 Calendars now on Etsy!

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2012 calendar: Cover
2012 Wall Calendar: Pleasure Cruise

My new 2012 calendars are in my Etsy shop now! One is a 26-page wall calendar, with 12 new drawings – the other is a single page wall calendar that comes in 4 different colours. Both of them will also be available at my table at the Finders Keepers market next weekend in Brisbane!

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August 31, 2011 0

The Hypnowl Council at A Better Tomorrow

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Nur zur Info: Den “Hypnowl Council” gibt es jetzt als Shirt bei A Better Tomorrow. Kostenloser Versand innerhalb Deutschlands.

Just so you know: You can get “The Hypnowl Council” as a shirt at A Better Tomorrow now. Shipping is free within Germany.

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June 14, 2011 1

Pandarama at A better tomorrow

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It’s been one week and counting since I’ve been without regular access to a non-shared computer, so bear with me until my new one arrives! German t-shirt community “A better tomorrow” have released my “Pandarama” design as their shirt of the week on their website. You can check it out here.

Seit einer Woche bin ich nun ohne eigenen Computer, daher die duenne Nachrichtenlage. Der neue PC (inclusive regulaerer Updates) muesste jeden Tag ankommen. In der Zwischenzeit haben A better tomorrow mein Design “Pandarama” als Shirt der Woche herausgebracht. Lieferung innerhalb Deutschlands ist kostenlos! Zum design geht’s hier.

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April 15, 2011 0

Grovemade bamboo iPhone case

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Grovemade bamboo case

Today I got my sample of my laser engraved bamboo iphone case I made for grovemade. It looks extremely cool in real life, it smells like a bamboo forest, and it comes in a bamboo frame (a by-product of the making of the case), which you can use for your own pictures later. Now I just need a flippin’ iphone to use it myself! You can get the case here

(Also, they’re all hand made by a bunch of people in Portland, Oregon. Everything is in place. It’s great. They do other stuff too. Check them out, seriously.)

Grovemade bamboo case
Grovemade bamboo case

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April 11, 2011 0

Hell is other people

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Hell is other people tee by thestateofthings. Available from MySoti.com.

A new tee design at MySoti for the alienated You: “Hell is other people“, a.k.a. “RUN! It’s humans!!”.

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April 4, 2011 0


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This is kind of a freestyle drawing. It started with the phrase “RUN, it’s HUMANS!”. At first I just wanted to make a typographic t-shirt with the sentence (Actually, I still might.), but couldn’t come up with a satisfactory design. After playing around with the type and some pictograms I figured I should tackle the idea with my usual approach. After taking it to Photoshop, doodling, adding, removing and refining I came up with what you can see above. Enjoy! It’s also available on Society6.

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